Start using Reschedge in an instant. Import company contacts.
Reschedge is cutting-edge technology that gives your recruiting team a competitive advantage. Getting started in Reschedge should be easy. It is.

Reschedge allows you to quickly import the interviewers you want by looking at your company contacts. All you need is their email address. Sign in and start scheduling in moments.
Your Reschedge Dashboard. Your interview homebase.
When you schedule an interview you want to know who has accepted, who has declined, who has yet to respond, and if your conference room has been successfully booked. But if you rely on email notifications or company calendars important details may get lost in the clutter. Your Reschedge Dashboard lists all of your interviews and color codes everything involved. You have all the information you need in a simple glance.
Google or Outlook. Reschedge is bilingual.
Reschedge is designed from the ground up to work beautifully with your calendar system. If you use Gmail your invitations will be Google calendar invites. If you use Outlook your invitations will be Outlook calendar invites. It doesn't matter if you are on Google or Outlook, you can feel good scheduling interviews with Reschedge.

Keeping track. Use Reschedge with your Applicant Tracking System.
You use your ATS. It's a core part of your recruiting process. Reschedge works right with it. Currently, Reschedge has plugins for Greenhouse, Jobvite, The Resumator, and Lumesse TalentLink. If you don't use one of these and you want your schedules to sync with your ATS, give us a call. Our engineering team builds simple, seamless, integrations.