Why do recruiting teams and interviewers love Reschedge?
It's like adding another member to the team to schedule faster, easier, and more balanced than ever before.
Your company's calendars untangled in a single click.
You need four people to interview a candidate and you can choose from fifteen to find the best four. You know a perfect schedule exists but you don't want to look at all of those calendars to figure out your lineup. Yuck.

Let Reschedge do it all for you. Goodbye calendar mess.
Brilliantly simple back-to-back interviews.
Reschedge makes scheduling an interview lineup with 2, 3, 4...15 back-to-back interviews effortless. Imagine having another teammate look at all the possible calendars for your interview and instantly get back to you with who can meet the candidate and at what time. Reschedge's scheduling engine is the only technology on the planet that makes that happen.
Panel interviews in a flash.
Do you have candidates come in to do a presentation or meet with the team? Then you need to find time for a few people to meet with the candidate at once. Reschedge is designed to schedule these panel interviews in an instant. Need to schedule multiple panel interviews back-to-back? With Reschedge's ability to schedule back-to-back interviews, that's easy too.
Intelligently choose between 2 or more interviewers.
The scheduling engine at the core of Reschedge allows you to add flexibility into your interviews. Tell Reschedge to choose between John or Jane for the "Culture interview" and Reschedge will intelligently scan both their calendars as it creates schedules. This unprecedented feature allows you to replicate the way you naturally schedule interviews.
Reschedge Tagging. You've never scheduled your interviews so easily.
Interviewer Tagging is one of the many features that makes Reschedge so easy to use. Tagging allows you to group interviewers based on department, location, seniority, area of expertise and anything else you can imagine. Can anyone from your engineering team do the coding interview? Just give the team a Tag. When you use that Tag the scheduling engine will pick interviewers by scanning through the calendars of the entire team.
For every interview, the beauty is in the details.
Reschedge comes with built-in flexibility so you can mold your interviews into exactly what you need. Dive into the details of each interview in your lineup.
Set the length. Select from 15 minutes to 3 hours.
Choose the order. From first to last and in between, you choose where it belongs.
Get bossy. Tell Reschedge to start the interview at a specific time.
You don't always need to be specific. But when you do, Reschedge delivers.
Don't repeat yourself. Introducing Interview Templates.
Reschedge gives you the ability to save interview lineups in the form of templates. If you only interview one candidate for your requisitions then you probably don't need this. For everyone else who interviews more, this is one more way Reschedge makes scheduling fast.
Just click and drag. Blocking time for your candidates made easy.
Reschedge's design gives you a simple way to select your candidate's availability. You just click and drag to create the blocks of time your candidate has available and Reschedge takes it from there. Happy candidates. Better interviews.
Schedule interviews across time.
You're on the West coast and your candidate is on the East coast. Reschedge is in both. Reschedge works with your calendar system to effortlessly schedule interviews across timezones. Forget about the time difference. Reschedge remembers.
Finish the job. Book rooms and interviewers at the same time.
Candidates and interviewers meet in conference rooms. Reschedge is one tool to schedule it all.

Reschedge will give you the right room because you can tell it which rooms to use by default and you can Tag rooms too. Add Tags for: floors, video conference equipment, projectors, and any other way you group your rooms. You can feel good knowing your candidate will have a great experience.
Rescheduling. It's called Reschedge for a reason.
Reschedge's scheduling engine was carefully crafted to make last minute changes as easy as possible.
Running late? Just drag-and-drop.
You can easily rearrange the interviewers in your lineup. Just drag-and-drop. Reschedge actively scans everyone's calendars and lets you know if there are any conflicts.
Not going to be there? Alternates are standing by.
Click on an interviewer's name and you will see all of the qualified alternates and if they're available. Now you can handle interviewers who decline at the last minute without breaking a sweat.
Lots of changes? Completely reschedule in a flash.
Just click the reschedule button. Starting with your current interview settings, Reschedge will take you through rescheduling your interview. Change as much or as little as you need. With Reschedge you'll be done in a flash.